Eagle Eyes Solutions Group – Tavares, FL


College & Education Investigations

In recent years, some of this country’s well-known colleges, schools and universities have been caught up in various scandals and investigations.  Parent bribery, admissions, and financial aid fraud, and consultant misrepresentation have led to racketeering, money laundering, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and many other charges against individuals associated with schools, colleges, and universities. 

Not only is this costly to the US Government, owners could potentially lose their business.  Yet, because of the benefits of advanced education, misconduct is a reoccurring issue that can threaten the existence of your school, college or university.   

At Eagle Eye Solutions Group, we specialize in helping colleges and schools avoid damaged reputations and huge settlements by offering discreet but highly effective services that monitor both the admissions and financial processes.   

  • We help ensure employees follow corporate and federal guidelines for Title IV funding. 
  • We’re experienced at discovering problem areas within your admissions and financial aid process. 
  • We also provide internal auditing of financial aid documents that ensures compliance with both corporate and federal guidelines.   


We believe the success of academic institutions is critical to the future of this great country.  And we’re proud to be a part of safeguarding the integrity of our beloved schools, colleges, and universities.

Talk to us about helping you avoid issues that could compromise your educational mission.