Eagle Eyes Solutions Group – Tavares, FL


Contractor Fraud Investigations

Contractor Fraud is a bigger concern in Florida than in any other state in this great nation.  Dishonest contractors have cheated Florida residents out of millions of dollars. 

We know how to protect you from disreputable contractors who target seniors and trusting homeowners.  Those contractors take your money and disappear.  They’ll begin work they never complete.  They are thieves who want to steal from you. 

At Eagle Eyes Solutions Group, we help you deal with prospective contractors.  We’ll determine whether a contractor is reputable.  We’ll professionally screen contractors for you, put them through business background checks, and go as in-depth as interviewing a contractor’s previous customers.  Whatever it takes to protect you from dishonest contractors, we’ll do it.

And if a contractor has already victimized you, we’re investigative specialists.  We’ll put our expertise, backed by military service and law-enforcement experience, to work for you.  We’ll assist in determining your losses, help track down the contractors who cheated you, and assist law enforcement in getting you the justice you deserve.

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