Eagle Eyes Solutions Group – Tavares, FL


Criminal Defense Investigations

Our years of investigative experience make us an invaluable asset to criminal defense attorneys and their clients. We’re skilled at uncovering evidence that supports your defense, including examining and exposing weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. Our accurate reports assist defense counsel in understanding the events leading to an alleged crime as well as what happened during the incident and afterward.

We’ll provide an in-depth review of the discovery file, police reports, and witness statements.  Our experience allows us to effectively examine a prosecutor’s evidence and prepare timelines of important events.

Our crime scene investigations can include photographs, videos, and diagrams helpful in understanding how the crime was committed and whether what we found on the scene corresponds with the evidence provided by the prosecution and witness statements.

We’re also experienced in conducting background investigations of potential witnesses and alleged victims.  For example, our background investigation of a sexual assault case can discover whether an alleged victim has ever falsely accused other individuals.

Our thorough investigations can also reveal facts that help impeach the testimony of a witness through our research of employment, education, social media, or arrest and conviction records.

No matter how complex your case, our investigations get to the facts, assisting the defense in uncovering the truth or raising reasonable doubt on your behalf.

It’s also important to note that once you hire us, the information you share with us is confidential, and protected by the attorney-client or work product doctrine.  We create relationships with all of our clients based on trust so that all the facts of your case can be uncovered, giving you the best of defenses.

You are innocent until proven guilty, so give yourself the kind of defense you deserve by hiring Eagle Eyes Solutions to be part of your team.  When charged with a crime, your future depends on the strength of your defense.