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Drug Testing via Pharmchek

Eagle Eyes Solutions Group and PharmChek have joined together to be able to offer  a 24/7 Drug Patch that is not only tamper resistant; It is also court validated.

With PharmChek drug patches from  Eagle Eyes Solutions Group, you and your staff will have around the clock court proven drug testing on the spot as opposed to having to set appointments which delays the start of the process. With transdermal testing there is no way for the client to dilute or substitute test samples and any tampering of the patch will be easily detected.

Used as a sole or primary / initial testing process or as an intermediate sanction; like the SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) bracelet, PharmCheck drug patches are a constant reminder to deter using drugs.

While eliminating the temptation to use between testing cycles, 24/7 testing helps clients learn to live their life clean and sober.

The Sweat Patch is a continual testing device that cannot be easily adulterated, tampered, or substituted. Worn for 7 to 10 days, all evidence of drug use during the wear-period is captured within the pad and submitted to the laboratory for screening. Specimens screening positive will advance to confirmation testing via LC/MS/MS. Both the parent drug and the metabolite are stable and detectable in sweat and both must be present (at or above the limit of detection) to result in a confirmed positive.  Results are reported promptly to the supervising authority via secure web-portal access, or by fax.

Absent cognitive-behavioral intervention, research reveals that most drug users remain in a persistent and destructive behavior cycle. Yet, research also reveals that because behavior is learned, it can be unlearned. 

Use of the Patch as an added-layer in a reentry, supervision, or treatment programs can stimulate curative thinking, reduce risk of relapse, and improve client-outcomes. Most importantly, in lieu of incarceration, use of the Patch can decrease the financial burden to tax payers, permit monitoring in the client’s natural environment, and yield a true reinvestment of judicial dollars.


Testing Method & Cutoff levels


Parent Drug                       Patch Screening              Parent Drug Metabolite                  LC/MS Confirmation

Cocaine                                 EIA 10 ng/mL                      Cocaine Benzoylecgonine                10 ng/ml

Opiates                                  EIA 10 ng/mL                      6-MAM Morphine Codeine                10 ng/mL

Methamphetamine          EIA 10 ng/mL                      Amphetamine                                        10 ng/mL

Marijuana                             EIA 1.5 ng/mL                    THC                                                              .5 ng/mL

Phencyclidine                     IA 7.5 ng/mL                       Phencyclidine                                        7.5 ng/mL

PharmChem, Inc. contracts with Clinical Reference Laboratory, (CRL), a SAMHSA certified lab, located in Lenexa Kansas, for the analysis of all sweat patch specimens. CRL’s laboratory certifications can be viewed or printed in PDF format from their website, https://www.crlcorp.com/about/certification/.

Sweat Patch specimens submitted to CRL for analysis are promptly reported out via CRL’s secure WebOasis® Platform, or by FAX. Negative specimens are reported to you within 24 hours, and LC/MS confirmed positives are reported within 48 hours.

Advantages of using the PharmChek® Drug Patch:

Drug metabolite and parent drug detection- The patch traps both the drug metabolite, as well as the parent drug. Parent drugs are not only stable in sweat, but more easily and accurately detectable in sweat, that in urine.

Continuous monitoring; 24/7- The patch retains drugs used during the wear-period, promoting long-term behavior change.

Tamper-Evident- The adhesive film is designed to be applied only one time, and will not re-adhere translucently. A unique serial number, assigned during manufacturing, also prevents substitutions, and tampers.

Deterrent to additional drug use- The patch is a visible sign of continuous drug monitoring that acts as a powerful deterrent to continued drug use.

Court validity:

The sweat patch has been upheld as a valid testing device for drugs of abuse in more than 50 US courts, in addition to being upheld by the US Supreme Court.

Wear time:

The patch (by itself) has a recommended wear-time of 7-10 days, and most clients can successfully meet those time frames. In addition to purposeful skin-cleansing, the use of our optional Overlay, applied at the same time as the patch, may extend wear-time up to 14 days for some patch wearers.  The amount of time a client can wear the patch is largely based on two critical points:

1.   Skin type: Clients with oily skin may not be able to wear a drug patch for as long as a client with normal to dry skin.

2.  Proper skin preparation: The required training protocols must be followed to ensure the drug patch adheres securely to the skin. Failure to follow these protocols can significantly diminish wear-time.