Eagle Eyes Solutions Group – Tavares, FL


Siu & Claims Investigations

When it becomes time to make a decision on how to quickly and fairly settle a claim, time and resources are most often not on your side. Eagle Eyes Solutions Group will use strategic planning, state-of-the-art equipment, and only the best investigators to provide a greater level of clarity as to the claimant’s daily activities. By properly preparing for each case individually, we are able to obtain the results desired, while trying to reduce costs by spending less time and money.

When it’s time to assign your next case, call Eagle Eyes and we will walk you through our process. We’ll listen to your challenges and needs, and create a plan that makes sense. At Eagle Eyes Solutions Group our commitment doesn’t end when the information needed is obtained. We carefully evaluate your results and make any necessary adjustments to make our next project together even better.


  • Property Claims range from large jewelry losses, arson, auto/auto theft, burglaries, robberies, catastrophe claims, personal article floaters, and others.
  • Workers’ Compensation involving AOE/COE Investigations, Activity Checks, Surveillance,  Developing Employment Histories 
  • Auto Accidents  & Auto Theft including staged auto fraud cases, auto liability investigations, other vehicular claims cases involving fatalities, major injuries, minor injuries, and/or non-injury accidents, and auto theft.
  • Personal Injury including slips and falls, assault, and battery incidents, other injury-related claims, investigation and/or adjustment claims, suspected fraud cases, taking detailed written or recorded statements, performing scene investigations, and taking photos or video
  • Premises and Products Liability involving major class action product liability cases, homeowners and commercial premises liability accidents including large and small claims ranging from deaths to minor injuries; maintain a well-established list of experts.
  • Death & Disability including suspected fraud cases; experienced surveillance team;  taking statements and obtaining information; investigative resources to develop information regarding past medical and claims history.
  • SIU Investigations include personal injury, auto/auto theft, and premises/products liability cases, ranging from fraud rings, major class action products liability cases, personal injury defense investigations, and all other related claims.
  • Claims Investigations, including detailed written/recorded statements, scene investigations, cold calls, locating individuals, canvassing, taking photos and/or video, and other task assignments.