Eagle Eyes Solutions Group – Tavares, FL


Social Media Investigations

Eagle Eyes Solutions Group will perform a comprehensive investigation of social media sites. This information allows us to learn more about the claimant/employee/others and their activities and interests.

Social media investigations can be performed in conjunction with other assigned cases, or can be requested on their own.

Our lead social media investigator has nearly 20 years’ experience in law enforcement and private investigations.

Don’t miss out on important information after the commencement of an investigation. Eagle Eyes can continue to monitor those social media sites throughout the investigations if required:

Eagle Eyes Solutions provides the following services that can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Search hundreds of social media sites, blogs, and the Internet, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and many others
  • Provide an initial comprehensive report within 7 business days, including information relevant to your case
  • Preserve and save all social media and internet contact developed, and provide to client via secured, shared site or DVD
  • Monitor sites (weekly or monthly), with updates (additional fee may apply)


Disclaimer: Due to privacy settings on some social media sites, it is not guaranteed that information can be obtained on subjects. Eagle Eyes will only perform legal and ethical monitoring of social media sites.