Eagle Eyes Solutions Group – Tavares, FL


Vehicle Sighting Investigations

With a massive database of one billing vehicle sightings and the addition of up to 50 million new sightings each month, vehicle sightings provide valuable information for both locating subjects and investigating the historical whereabouts of both individuals and vehicles.

This powerful report provides detailed information including actual photographs of the vehicle and plate with time and geographic stamps for each individual sighting. Integrated with online mapping tools, visual pinpoint location information is available with a single click.

Some cases to run this report on include:

  • Locate a subject;
  • Locate the vehicle;
  • Surveillance cases;
  • Suspected fraud cases;
  • Subject whereabouts on certain dates | times;
  • View damages on the vehicle photos provided;
  • Auto theft | recoveries;
  • Asset searches;
  • Process service;
  • Many others.


A vehicle sighting report includes “current” (1-30 days), “recent” (30-90 days), and “historical” (90 days or over) data.